On Phuket: Thailand

This experience feels worlds away even though it was just this past December. 

I want to follow through and still post about it, because I said I would. :) 

I’ll let the photographs do most of the talking, but I do have a few other thoughts to add if you plan to pop down to this side of the world. 

For one thing, we basically knew we wanted beaches and were pretty desperate for them. We booked some of the cheapest options we could find (flights, airbnb) and found ourselves heading to stay one week at the beach everyone says to not go to - Patong Beach

Picture parts of Florida at Spring Break time, but worse! Like nuts. Like kind of disgusting. 

Just not our scene. Brochures of sex shows. Sellers constantly approaching you asking if you want to buy a fancy suit. Asking if you want a massage. Pointing at a menu asking you to come eat at your restaurant. Aggressive marketing. Constant noise. Constant stimulation. People on scooters everywhere, so you really have to pay attention when you are outside to not get creamed. 

A day in or so, we knew we needed out and rented a scooter for the rest of the week and drove to beaches to the north and south of us. THIS made Phuket actually enjoyable. This week was about getting over fears.

Every time we would get on the scooter I would give my husband the same mini speech "The goal is survival, let the other people pass you, we are in no rush, take your time!" and sometimes he'd laughed but I'm sure by the 20th time he grew probably annoyed with it. Luckily he thinks I got use to it, I mostly just prayed the whole time we were zipping through the busy streets and thought about my sister Ivy's quote one time she said as they were on their way to go snowboarding "Well, if we die, know that we died adventuring". 

A few days in, I was no longer terrified on the scooter. It's just like anything. Bravery would begin appearing more and more and fear had no room to reign anymore. 

Side plug for New Zealand - it’s crazy to us what people would pay so much for to get a remote beach, while way more beautiful scenery is simply in ABUNDANCE here. Just our opinion at least :) 

Back to Thailand, basically all I really wanted to achieve in this post is to bring a little awareness to the scary world of sex slavery since Thailand is unfortunately plagued everywhere with this injustice. 


http://www.magiclanternpictures.org/ - new movie on Netflix highlighting the dangers of today's  'hook-up culture'. Have you seen it yet?

I haven’t seen it yet. I want to. I’m sure it is heavy. I follow the leaders that produced it from this nonprofit organization and am inspired by the battle they are fighting with humility, fervor, and surrender to a living God.

I'll wrap up our Thailand posts with one more about our time in Chiang Mai, in the northern mountainous area.