Big News from the EuDalys

5/14/16 Jordan and Brent EuDaly, Wedding Day 

5/14/16 Jordan and Brent EuDaly, Wedding Day 

I sit here in a coffee shop pondering (truthfully my bum is getting numb because I have been here for more hours than I actually care to confess...)

Pondering what life will look like for us in just a matter of weeks, months, next year even...

I'm not sure if there is a book out there that is an adequate 'how to' on prepping for leaving your community for a year or so and I'm honestly not sure if I would even want to read it. 


That is the word at first I was using when telling friends and family our 'plan' to travel east and camp before jet setting abroad. I was afraid people would be mad or sad, but to my humble surprise - most everyone was incredibly giddy and glad for us. (thanks guys!)

Relief. My anxiety lowered. 

I stood outside Anthropologie as I called my parents and told them the news. My Dad asked "so have you two been planning this for quite some time?" 

I chuckled a little and told him "nope, not at all."

Sometimes the stars just align, God opens a door, the timing just becomes right. However you want to say it - it happens.

There is probably another blog post for the door that opened aka my husband quitting and walking away from the company he has been building for the past 4 years. 

Promise - it's all good. God is good. We are celebrating. 

The night he made this decision, he was sitting at our tall cherry wooden table he built by hand and I was sitting in the next room on our IKEA navy flat couch, he says out loud in a calm tone "I am feeling radical"

something in my belly fluttered a little, knowing deep down our little comfortable lives were about to get. reaaaaal. exciting.

Here we go.