On Spain

Even though I am sitting at a coffee shop here in Chiang Mai Thailand, I find that being away from certain experiences allows me to see them more clearly - meaning I can just now write about Spain which was 3 weeks of our November. A total gift to our weary traveler souls.

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My brother and sister in law along with their darling 3 year old son, live on the Northern Coast of Spain in a city called Santander. Picture weather like Seattle, with beaches, mountains, conservative people, lots of little dogs, beach bum surfers, terra cotta, basic color scheme white, reds, yellows, potted plants, laundry hanging from the line, Spanish flags waving with pride. 

I read all about ‘hygge’ while we were there and we pretty much lived it out. 

Hygge is this Danish word referring to cozyness of the soul, but you probably already know this because I am now seeing it everywhere. Plastered on pinterest. The intimacy we as humans desire, especially in the winter months. 

Laying low is my jam. A few of my favorite memories I carried away from Spain were watching project runway with my sister, watching Brent work on some video projects (more info coming your way in the Spring), hugging huge redwood trees, talking about white high speed trains with our nephew Piérs, learning from Paul about language and various cultures, experimenting & cooking with their kitchen robot and enjoying Camilla's incredible 'add a drop of orange citrus essential oil' to hot cocoa and have your life changed.  

One of our favorite days involved taking the train about an hour away to a little quaint village called Liérganes. We could not get over the charm. Old cathedrals on top of rolling hills with autumn hues. We meandered about and felt almost like true Spaniards simply walking and enjoying the day at a slow pace and of course filled our hungry bellies with some chocolate churros and cafe con leche (espresso w/ milk) before we headed home. PS - in the photo below Brent is pointing at a yard robot mowing the lawn perfectly, ha! 

Lately, I've been really enjoying following several artists on Instagram and jumped on the 100-day challenge trend. Basically, that means I am trying to paint, draw, or attempt to create in my sketchbook once a day. Of course, it doesn't always happen, because the life of a traveler is fairly unpredictable. I've been inspired by Camilla to use the natural resources of what is surrounding me to create too, here are a few of my creative pieces from my time in Spain... 

Join along the journey on the insta @jordanhaleyart #jojo100days

People and Photography are two of my favs, pair them together and my heart can barely handle it. Another highlight of our time in Cantabria (the region we were in) was meeting this local. I can't even tell you what he said to us. (hindsight: we should have learned more spanish before coming) I was looking for the ladies room in this public park and he directed me there. He had so much pride for Cantabria and when I asked if I could take his photo, he thought I meant him taking a photograph of Brent and I. Humble. Happy. maybe a little intoxicated from some wine, what a joy to meet this sweet soul.

Here are a few more photos of the beauty of Spain... 

I highly recommend a visit to Spain. We've had the opportunity to go twice now, and I am a smitten kitten for this part of the earth. Selfishly I'm most grateful to have family that lives there (Thanks ya'll) PS you should check out the incredible photography from Camilla, my sister in law. I am constantly inspired by her eye and vision. 

One day I'll tackle a post about Thailand. Thanks for reading.