On Belgium [Travel Update]

To offer some context to our trip to Belgium…

10 years ago I participated in a program called Rotary Youth Exchange 

It was one of the most formative experiences, especially as a young adult leaving my home country solo. Seeds of confidence and cultural understanding were planted deep in my core from that experience and I would highly recommend it to any young person today. 

Brent and I were originally going to meet up with my exchange friend, but sadly those plans did not end up working out because our flight was delayed by 2 days due to bad weather at our layover in Iceland. Wah-Wah. Real life has disappointments. 

Thus we ended up flying into Brussels and stayed two days at the most elegant airbnb. Jean Pierre’s home was nothing short of majestic. That pink fridge tho. Check it out. 


Full transparency - I feel like my physical stamina is finding a new normal. Aka traveling with a heavy pack on my shoulders has been straight up difficult, but I can feel it getting easier as each day passes. Ya'll I'm going to be buff by Christmas, I know it. My goal is to be able to do 10 push-ups, I'm semi close. 

After Brent and I got settled in, we found a local market picked up some tomatoes, cheese, a baguette and called it an early night. 

Many people ask us ‘How are you able to afford this?’ and the truth is 

  • We are figuring it out and working remotely 
  • We set a budget aside for this trip
  • We make sacrifices (shop at grocery stores instead of going out to eat, choose inexpensive places to stay, will have the opportunity to stay with family, and will probably do workaway)

I’ll dive in deeper in another post and give 'a day in the life, budget post' maybe, hopefully :)

Brent and I are settling into our own methods of how we go about accomplishing something:

Example: We needed to get to the nucleus of Brussels wanted to see the Grand Place

B: looks at a map on his phone and is patient enough to wait for the free wifi to load going through a long login process to get there

J: utilize the knowledge of locals and wait for a kind face then ask in slow enunciated ‘excuse me, can you tell me how to _____________ (fill in the rest with something very specific)

Do our methods surprise you? ;)

It is kind of fun, we usually get to the same conclusion and the information usually helps contribute to a successful answer. That will also be another post, traveling with a partner!

Belgium has been lots of croissants and cappuccino, buzzing of transit, voices speaking a myriad of languages, not the most pleasant of smells - cleaning products, dog poop, trash. Traveling isn't always rainbows and butterflies, BUT we did arrive in Spain yesterday (Sunday) and we feel like we are in heaven. We are graciously staying with family for the next 3 weeks and will share more soon.

Thanks for reading babes! 


If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, ideas, or want more to further elaborate. You. Just. Let. Me. Know. Keep me posted what topics would be helpful or interesting to read. Your feedback is appreciated,