On Belgium [Travel Update]

To offer some context to our trip to Belgium…

10 years ago I participated in a program called Rotary Youth Exchange 

It was one of the most formative experiences, especially as a young adult leaving my home country solo. Seeds of confidence and cultural understanding were planted deep in my core from that experience and I would highly recommend it to any young person today. 

Brent and I were originally going to meet up with my exchange friend, but sadly those plans did not end up working out because our flight was delayed by 2 days due to bad weather at our layover in Iceland. Wah-Wah. Real life has disappointments. 

Thus we ended up flying into Brussels and stayed two days at the most elegant airbnb. Jean Pierre’s home was nothing short of majestic. That pink fridge tho. Check it out. 


Full transparency - I feel like my physical stamina is finding a new normal. Aka traveling with a heavy pack on my shoulders has been straight up difficult, but I can feel it getting easier as each day passes. Ya'll I'm going to be buff by Christmas, I know it. My goal is to be able to do 10 push-ups, I'm semi close. 

After Brent and I got settled in, we found a local market picked up some tomatoes, cheese, a baguette and called it an early night. 

Many people ask us ‘How are you able to afford this?’ and the truth is 

  • We are figuring it out and working remotely 
  • We set a budget aside for this trip
  • We make sacrifices (shop at grocery stores instead of going out to eat, choose inexpensive places to stay, will have the opportunity to stay with family, and will probably do workaway)

I’ll dive in deeper in another post and give 'a day in the life, budget post' maybe, hopefully :)

Brent and I are settling into our own methods of how we go about accomplishing something:

Example: We needed to get to the nucleus of Brussels wanted to see the Grand Place

B: looks at a map on his phone and is patient enough to wait for the free wifi to load going through a long login process to get there

J: utilize the knowledge of locals and wait for a kind face then ask in slow enunciated ‘excuse me, can you tell me how to _____________ (fill in the rest with something very specific)

Do our methods surprise you? ;)

It is kind of fun, we usually get to the same conclusion and the information usually helps contribute to a successful answer. That will also be another post, traveling with a partner!

Belgium has been lots of croissants and cappuccino, buzzing of transit, voices speaking a myriad of languages, not the most pleasant of smells - cleaning products, dog poop, trash. Traveling isn't always rainbows and butterflies, BUT we did arrive in Spain yesterday (Sunday) and we feel like we are in heaven. We are graciously staying with family for the next 3 weeks and will share more soon.

Thanks for reading babes! 


If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, ideas, or want more to further elaborate. You. Just. Let. Me. Know. Keep me posted what topics would be helpful or interesting to read. Your feedback is appreciated, 


Bridge Day 2017

This past week Brent and I were looking forward to camping closer to the New River Gorge near Fayetteville West Virginia. We stopped in the cutest little coffee shop called Top Knot and spoke with the owners who informed us we'd made it just in time for Bridge Day. 

Bridge Day is this annual celebration where over 85,000 people come out to eat food, shop from local vendors, and watch brave souls BASE jump off one of the largest bridges in the world.

Enjoy a little video I made (thanks Brent for a few clips) and wait for the humans that were catapulted off. Apparently you had to have over 100 skydives to do a base jump and then you had to have 50 basejumps to do the catapult. CRAZY. My heart was racing and I was merely a spectator. 

On Leaving...

Is it sad that I think the pretty much the hardest part of this experience is behind us?

Moving is not for the faint of heart, *insert winky face* but seriously, it's hard. Maybe that will be another post. 

Proud of Brent, he basically moved his business and our home. Shoutout to Curtis (who was a huge help!!)

Congratulations to my brother Drew and his new wife Lachan, I am confident no one could make polka dancing look as fun and good as you two. Bless you Lachan for taking on a new 12 letter last name. S-I-E-B-E-N-M-O-R-G-E-N.


Brent and I are sitting in a real hip(ster) coffee shop in Nashville, Barista Parlor is way cute, thanks Rachel Cohen for the recommendation. Although I must admit, Brent was peeved to learn they didn't have drip coffee but he turned into a happy camper after sipping his yum pour over and getting his laptop plugged into an outlet by the window. 

We are in it ya'll. Looking at one another as we cruise down the highway heading East driving through TN slowly realizing we don't have a home, just have one car, will be in America one more month then will fly abroad and figure it out from there.

The feelings are a salty trail mix of sheer joy, slight fear of the unknown, pieces of confidence because we are seasoned humans, and realistic awareness that there is a BIG difference between 'traveling' and 'vacationing'. 

So here's to being travelers for the next 8 months ish. Enjoy photos below. Love-ing this neat mural outside the coffee shop here. 



Big News from the EuDalys

5/14/16 Jordan and Brent EuDaly, Wedding Day 

5/14/16 Jordan and Brent EuDaly, Wedding Day 

I sit here in a coffee shop pondering (truthfully my bum is getting numb because I have been here for more hours than I actually care to confess...)

Pondering what life will look like for us in just a matter of weeks, months, next year even...

I'm not sure if there is a book out there that is an adequate 'how to' on prepping for leaving your community for a year or so and I'm honestly not sure if I would even want to read it. 


That is the word at first I was using when telling friends and family our 'plan' to travel east and camp before jet setting abroad. I was afraid people would be mad or sad, but to my humble surprise - most everyone was incredibly giddy and glad for us. (thanks guys!)

Relief. My anxiety lowered. 

I stood outside Anthropologie as I called my parents and told them the news. My Dad asked "so have you two been planning this for quite some time?" 

I chuckled a little and told him "nope, not at all."

Sometimes the stars just align, God opens a door, the timing just becomes right. However you want to say it - it happens.

There is probably another blog post for the door that opened aka my husband quitting and walking away from the company he has been building for the past 4 years. 

Promise - it's all good. God is good. We are celebrating. 

The night he made this decision, he was sitting at our tall cherry wooden table he built by hand and I was sitting in the next room on our IKEA navy flat couch, he says out loud in a calm tone "I am feeling radical"

something in my belly fluttered a little, knowing deep down our little comfortable lives were about to get. reaaaaal. exciting.

Here we go.